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Purchase and learn online how to clean a methamphetamine contaminated property. This specialised training demonstration will educate restorers how to safely decontaminate methamphetamine contaminated properties.

A free trailer is available, to purchase the video, please visit the following link to VIMEO on Demand:

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One-day decontamination training course

With expert training you will gain technical experience, real-world knowledge and confidence to decontaminate a property. The ability and technical knowledge to use Apple Environmental Meth Remover product. Training is held in Christchurch as we have hands-on training in our purposely built training facility which forms part of this one-day course.

This one day course begins with a classroom type introduction to the world of the meth decontamination.  Participants will be taught how to survey the site, how to establish a work plan prior to decon, with the remainder of the course concentrating on the decontamination process using the tools.

You will walk away from this course with an understanding of the risks associated with contaminated sites, risk minimization strategies, understanding Health and Safety procedures, an understanding of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the correct procedures to decontaminate a meth-contaminated property. This course includes instruction on the use of all equipment and chemicals. A certificate of attendance is awarded to participants.

The COST for the course is $499.00+GST (booking and confirmation are mandatory for all the participants). The full fee should be paid prior the training.

Course supported by Apple Environmental Meth Remover. 

For further enquiries please feel free to call 0800 DECON NZ (0800 332 6669).

ONE DAY TRAINING application form
Please use this form to provide us with information about you, to help organise the training session for you. We will return to you with the venue and time of commencement. The fields marked with a red * are mandatory.


NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties.






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