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 What Apple Environmental Meth Remover® does that other products don’t

Most methods for METH decontamination fall into one of five categories, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all of these methods are effective and may cause unnecessary damage to the property i.e. fumes, corrosion, even other toxic residues.

The most common methods include:

1) Wash and scrub with household cleaners
2) Physical removal of all contaminated surfaces including drywall, flooring, cabinets etc.
3) Misting or fogging with high concentrations of bleach (hypochlorite) solutions,
4) Misting or fogging with high concentrations hydrogen peroxide solution,
5) Spraying and scrubbing with formulated chemical products,

Method 1:

(Wash and Scrub with Household Cleaners) is inexpensive as far as chemical costs are concerned but is time and labor intensive and only surface contamination is removed.  Meth residues are not destroyed and end up unchanged in the wash solutions. It is also impossible to reach the residue in cracks and crevices leaving those contaminates behind.

Method 2:

Complete removal of all contaminated surfaces is very expensive (five to ten times the cost) and time consuming and does not guarantee fresh surfaces which are contamination free.  A major disadvantage is that meth is not destroyed, it is simply relocated.  Contaminated dust particles are released during demolition and may penetrate construction voids, cracks and crevices necessitating careful vacuuming and dust removal during the demolition to avoid cross-contamination.  The airborne contaminated particulates can also cause health problems to the demolition crew requiring personal protective clothing and full face respirators for all crew members.

Method 3:

(Misting or Fogging with Bleach) is economical and can be effective at destroying meth and many other chemical and bacterial contaminants but requires personal protective equipment. This method generates chlorinated by-products which are environmentally undesirable and generates chlorine gas and caustic mist both of which must be cleared from the house before safe occupancy can occur.  The high concentrations of bleach are corrosive to metal which causes pitting and rust damage to the metal surfaces including the furnace, metal duct work, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, electrical fixtures, even wiring. The cost to replace these items far outweighs the savings on chemical, plus the chlorine gas by-product can create a toxic living environment not desirable to the client.

Method 4:

(Misting or Fogging with Hydrogen Peroxide) is easy and inexpensive but is also ineffective at removing anything but surface contamination.  The use of strong peroxide solutions (25-50 percent) may also produce a delayed spontaneous ignition hazard. Transportation of such volatile levels of hydrogen peroxide is hazardous and requires special training and vehicle placards.  The attention to personal protective equipment and clothing is mandatory to worker safety, as inhalation or exposure to this level of H²O² can burn skin, eyes, and lungs in seconds.  It can also pit (rust) out all metal products in the property similar to using bleach as discussed in Method 3.

Method 5:

There are formulated products available that are highly effective at removing and destroying meth and related contaminants.  Not all products are equally effective and some are ineffective.  The effective products tend to be more costly and are most effective when applied with scrubbing and rinsing.  The structure, for the most part, remains intact (except porous materials which are required to be removed), and there are generally no toxic by-products or residues.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover® falls into the Method 5 category and is the most common form of decontamination, as it is the most effective and least damaging to the property.  But what separates our product from the others on the market.  Apple Environmental Meth Remover® starts by breaking down the bio-film on the property surfaces and penetrating to the subsurface by altering the PH level.  The product aids the process by bringing the contaminants to the surface and bonding the contaminants and dirt to a surfactant to allow for easy removal of contaminated particles.   Apple Environmental Meth Remover® also reacts with the methamphetamine molecule attacking the nitrogen component and breaking it apart into it’s basic elements.  Methamphetamine is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon – all elements found in our natural environment.  The nitrogen and hydrogen molecules are released into the ambient air (78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon and 0.1% are generally carbon dioxide, hydrogen,  neon, helium, xeon and krypton).  No toxins are left behind only water, some salt, and a little soap from the surfactant.  Apple Environmental Meth Remover® is non-toxic, bleach free, phenol free, and environmentally friendly for the peace of mind of you and your clients.
There is also the added benefit of our knowledge of decontamination collected through the years of meth clean up.  We didn’t start out with our own product, it was something that evolved out of the frustration of misinformation, lack of information, and unhappiness with the products already on the market.  Our product and process has been, and still is being, tested by using it every day in contaminated properties to create healthy living environments. TESTTEST

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