I assume, my property is contaminated. What to do?

First the property should be tested by a certified professional to obtain a full laboratory report about the levels and to which parts of the house are contaminated. Once the full report is available, forward to us and we will contact you.


My house tested positive for methamphetamine, what are my options?

We will discuss the best options for your situation. From decontamination to full remediation, the most cost effective and viable option, we will provide. In most cases, our decontamination process will prevent unnecessary costs.


How much does it cost to decontaminate a meth house?

Every house contaminated poses different scenarios, variables and options available for reinstatement. Once we have been provided with a comprehensive lab report, and have viewed the property in question, we can provide a detailed quote.

By taking a scientific approach, we are able to safely decontaminate walls, ceilings, non-porus flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, heating systems and other items in a dwelling, saving you the client thousands in replacement costs.


How long does the meth decontamination process take?

Depending on the levels of contamination and obstacles faced can dictate how quickly this process can be completed. We endeavour to have you back in your propertly promptly.


I’m buying a house, do I need to test it for meth?

Your house is one of your biggest asset. To ensure peace of mind and to fulfill your insurance obligations, a small financial outlay can prevent potential issues in the future. So our suggestion is, definitely.

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