NZ Drug Decontamination & Remediation Specialist is a company bringing years of experience from within the drug detection industry and cleaning industry who specialise in remediating meth-contaminated houses.

Our Directors have vast experience in the drug detection field having conducted meth testing of properties, drug detection and investigation over many years. Our directors have in excess of 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We have cleaning experts who have specialised in decontaminating meth affected houses in countries such as the United States and Europe. We have also formed a successful partnership with Apple Environmental (USA) who produce one of the world’s leading products to decontaminate methamphetamine contamination. By combining all of this expert knowledge we formed the NZ Drug Decontamination Remediation Specialist Ltd (NZDDRS).

NZ Drug Decontamination and Remediation Specialist Ltd are a highly qualified, friendly, professional and dedicated team who will ensure the stresses of decontamination are taken care of. 

We are a skilled team of decontamination experts and specialised cleaning technicians.


We do everything from receiving a request for friendly advice, quotation to decontaminating your property. The first step requires a comprehensive preliminary site assessment. To help determine the meth manufacture or usage levels, the assessment will consist of evaluating records of the lab results, chemicals and cooking apparatus removed from the site (if applicable). This information is critical in determining the most cost effective method to decontaminate or remediate the property. Our technicians will inspect the property entirely to identify hazards and gather information to enable a decontamination plan to be made.

We provide a full service which in conjunction of the NZS8510:2017 Standards includes disposal of all hazardous materials, household contaminated debris, and items requiring specialised handling in accordance with hazard management as guided by local and national standards. NZDDRS will dispose of all contaminants to protect your liabilities. Once the site has been prepared our technicians will decontaminate all remaining surfaces in the structure using Apple Environmental specially formulated, environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution. NZDDRS technicians will decontaminate the site fully to meet the current NZS8510:2017 Standards. This process will take between two to four days depending on the size of the dwelling and level of contamination within the dwelling. Post decontamination sampling is taken by an independent testing organization.

Our expert team is only too happy to assist you with free advise anytime night or day and are contactable on our 0800 332 6669 number.

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We believe that the following factors are critical to success; deploying trained personnel that can accomplish tasks and achieve goals, focusing on safety for each project conducted regardless of size or complexity, meeting and exceeding expectations of timelines, capability, and ingenuity, communicating with our clients to maximize cost-effectiveness and ensuring ultimate client satisfaction.

We strive to lead the decontamination services arena by continually updating, modernising and technologically enhancing our routines, equipment, understanding and our knowledge. It is our intention to show our clients our experience, expansive geographic coverage, endless service offerings and an unwavering commitment to health and safety which we believe will carry NZDDRS into the future. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning with the ultimate goal of being the premier, one-stop compliant decontamination service contractor in New Zealand.

We are a learning organisation that applies common operating principles and practices.


 We have travelled extensively to source resources and gain further and vital experience in the decontamination field, and visited a number of states in the USA to be at the forefront of the issues of meth contamination and to witness the scale at which meth contamination causes to properties, both commercial and private. We have extensive training by one of the leading clan lab decontamination tutors in the USA (Apple Environmental) to which we have partnered up with for decontamination and remediation works here in NZ. We have in our resources, the most up-to-date cleaning equipment and products available on the world market.

We invest heavily in keeping abreast of high tech cleaning systems and processes. We have the latest PPE resources so our staff is protected in accordance with our stringent health and safety procedures.

We currently perform decontamination nationwide. By using the Apple Environmental Meth Remover our results have been nothing short of breathtaking. Apple product is very effective in fighting meth contamination and must be applied skillfully and process has to be precise to get optimum results.

This is why it is overly important to engage professionals who know what they are doing to make your property safe once again.


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Our goal is to set the industry standard as New Zealand’s premier environmentally friendly services provider, utilising our knowledge, experience and unparalleled customer service. Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals are dedicated to providing solutions of unmatched value, with a commitment to safety, reliability and the long-term growth and success of the company.

We now have our new operators in the Waikato and Bay Of Plenty region and we welcome Culum Retallick to our expert team. Give Culum a call he loves to have a coffee and a chat and is very passionate about his new business venture.

Our head office and team are based in Christchurch and covering the South Island.

“When Apple Environmental Meth Remover is used as directed and per instructions, the resulting wash solutions meet the current NZS 8510:2017 standards.”



 Shanan Stewart

Operation Manager

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